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Wii Sports is a 2006 Compilation disc which contains 5 sports games released on the Nintendo Wii.

Wii Sports Box Art

Classic Game Room: Part 1 - Bowling[]

Wii Sports Bowling Gameplay

Mark said that Wii Bowling is his favourite. He said he likes it almost as much as real bowling. He said the Mii's remind him of Fisher Price toys. He also said that the graphics remind him of the Dreamcast. He shows us his style of gameplay. He likes the fact that it keeps track of your scores. He recommends it.


Classic Game Room HD - Wii SPORTS BOWLING for Nintendo Wii

Part 1

Classic Game Room: Part 2 - Golf[]

Wii Sports Golf Gameplay

Mark said that you'd think that he'd hate the game because he doesn't play golf. He said he enjoys it as much as bowling. He explained how to take a shot, explaining the power bar. He said it was his favourite golf game. He also said it was a lot like an arcade game as it was quick and short. He noted that the music was too cheerful. He recommended it.


Classic Game Room HD - Wii SPORTS GOLF review

Part 2

Classic Game Room: Part 3 - Baseball[]

Wii Sports Baseball Gameplay

Mark said that he knows less about baseball than differential equations. He said Baseball was his least favourite because it doesn't hold up to the other games on the disc. He said that it was just swinging your wrist. He didn't recommend it.


Classic Game Room HD - Wii SPORTS BASEBALL review

Part 3