The Best Of Classic Game Room:1999 - 2014 DVD Set is a upcoming DVD funded by Kickstarter. The DVD will be a 2-Disc set, containing over 50 reviews, of which some will be older episodes and

The Best Of Classic Game Room: 1999-2014 DVD Set Box Art

some exclusive reviews of games. People who back the kickstarter project over $30, will get a signed copy of the DVD by Mark himself.

The reviews

Shenmue (Exclusive for a short period of time)

Super Metroid (Exclusive to DVD)


Game Boy Micro

Half-Life (Exclusive to DVD)

Earth Defense Force 2017

Cosmic Carnage

Steel Battalion (Exclusive for a short period of time)

Star Wars AT-AT

Viral Dog Series

Sega Power Strip

Hot Wheels - Custom Van

Wolfenstien: The New Order


Gamer Grub Performance Snack

Donkey Kong Bananas

Ninja Golf

Buying A Sega Saturn

The Sims 3

Nintendo 64 Controller Pak

TX Sector Pinball Machine


Double Dragon



Sonic Jam

Devil May Cry

Neo-Geo MVS Arcade Machine

Golden Axe: Beast Rider

Nintendo Wii U

Sega Genesis

Tunnel Runner

Jar Jar Binks Figure (May Be Exclusive)

Just Cause 2

Game Of The Year Awards Show Montage (Exclusive to DVD)

Kasumi Ninja

Way Of The Samurai 3

Storybook Workshop

Road & Track Presents: The Need For Speed

Heyzoos Screen Test

Tiger Woods PGA Tour 11

The Super Spy

Herzog Zwei


Mark's Broken Game Boy Advance SP (Exclusive To DVD)

Omega Boost (2014 Re-review) (Exclusive to DVD)

Invasion Of The Mutant Crabs From Outer Space


Robocop Pinball Machine

F1 2012

Lord Karnage Sandwich

Gran Turismo 6

Mario Vs. Donkey Kong

Behind The Scenes At The Intergalactic Space Arcade (Exclusive To DVD)

Robotron 64 (2000 Review)

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