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The Sega 32X is a 1994 Console that requires the Sega Genesis to run.

Sega 32X Console

Classic Game Room: Part 1[]

Mark said that it is a huge commerical failure, but is a must have for Genesis fans. He said prices are very low for it and that games. He also said it's very small, by itself. He noted the games very smooth. He said you should get one with all the wires needed, as it is simpler. He then explains how to hook the system up. He recommends it.


Classic Game Room HD - SEGA 32X review part 1

Part 1

Classic Game Room: Part 2[]

Mark shows us how it works with the Model 2 Genesis. He said the packaging is complicated. He recommends it.


Classic Game Room HD - SEGA 32X review part 2

Part 2

CGR Packaging[]

In this episode of CGR Packaging, Mark reviews the Sega 32X cartridge design. He said that his favourite cartridge design is Cosmic Carnage. He also said the bottom of them was very similar to a Genesis cart. He noted that it doesn't have a label on top. He said it has a better hand grip. He recommended them.


Classic Game Room - SEGA 32X CARTRIDGE DESIGN review

The review