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Robotron 2084, also known as Robotron 64, is a 1998 game for the Nintendo 64. It also was released on Playstation 1.

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Robotron 64 Gameplay

The review was the first video uploaded on the inecomcompany channel, on the 

19th September 2007, although it originally aired in 2000 on In the review Mark and Dave note that the N64 got the better version of the game compared to the PS1 version, which is also reviewed at the same time. They say it's because the PS1 version has a worse frame rate. They also say it is a fun game and that you can keep going on because you keep earning extra life's in the first levels then you use them all towards the end.


Classic Game Room reviews Robotron 2084 for N64

The review

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Mark said that he usually doesn't like remakes of classic arcade games, but this game is an exception. He noted that you can save the gane, unlike the arcade version, as it is more forgiving. He said you have breathing rooom while playing. He recommends it.


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