This Article Covers the IBM PC/Compatibles onwards. Other Computers such as the Atari XE, BBC Micro, Commodore 64 and ZX Spectrum have their own pages. Macintosh does as well.

PC (Otherwise known as a IBM PC) is a game platform that has existed since 1961, although it took off in popularity in the 1980's. The original IBM PC was released in 1981. PC games are usually played with a Mouse + Keyboard or a controller, and in the 1980's were distributed on Cassette Tapes & Floppy Discs, in the middle of the Ninties, they were destributed on CD-ROM, and from the early 2000's on DVD or through digital distribution platforms such as Steam. Historically PC's main comptitior is Macintosh

A Standard PC

Classic Game RoomEdit

Mark said he wasn't that big of a fan of PC games, because he stares at computer screens all day, and as such when he gets home he wants to relax infront of the TV, although starting in 2013, more PC games have been reviewed by the show. He has not reviewed a system itself. 

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