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Forza Motorsport 2 is a 2007 racing simulator released on the Xbox 360.

Forza Motorsport 2 Box Art

Classic Game Room: Part 1[]

Forza Motorsport 2 Gameplay

The review starts with a whole bunch of footage with a variety of different cars. Then Mark says that the first car he bought was a lamborghini countach, and it's never been in the Gran Turismo series. He also said it was the first Xbox 360 game that he had to play. He also liked the livery editor in the game. He praised the upgrade system. He said the best part was trying the keep a car in a certain class. He also praised the amount of vehicles in the game. He said it was pretty much equal to Gran Turismo 4, but the graphics were better. He also praised the Xbox Live support, but said the tracks in the game wern't as equal as in the Gran Turismo series. He said the most important difference was that you could damage your vehicles in this game. He recommended it.


Classic Game Room - FORZA 2 for Xbox 360 review Part 1

Part 1 Of The Review

Classic Game Room: Part 2 - Sunset Peninsula[]

Mark said that the game was so large, he wanted to go into the details. He said he liked the track as it was technical. He said he wasn't a precise driver, but said the course was bulit for that.


Classic Game Room HD - FORZA 2 review Pt 2, Sunset Peninsula

Part 2

Classic Game Room: Part 3 - Suzuka Circuit[]

Mark said that he been playing this track a lot. He said it was a wonderful track. He said after you've played it a lot you learn where to brake. He said it was very well detailed.


Classic Game Room HD - FORZA 2 review Part 3, Suzuka Circuit

Part 3

Classic Game Room: Part 4 - Road Atlanta[]

Mark said that the game has a nice variety of fictional tracks and real life tracks. He said that the Porsche isn't the fastest car but it handles well.


Classic Game Room HD - FORZA 2 review Part 4, Road Atlanta

Part 4