Edit-Station 1 is a Tektronix-4010-1 Computer terminal owned by Classic Game Room. In the context of the show, he is responsible for editing.
Edit-Station 1

Edit-Station 1


While Mark was editing Classic Game Room: The Rise And Fall Of The Internet's Greatest Video Game Review Show, he realized he needed a better editing system, so he adopted Edit-Station 1. While Edit-Station 1 did a good job editing, he did not use color, so when Mark used a different editing system to add color, he commited suicide by drinking. However it was revealed to be a hangover, when he reviewed Math Gran Prix.

He later got his own show, which only had one episode and also hosted Classic Game Room 2.0, in which he compared Halo 3 to Ms. Pac-Man. After earning a high score on Mars Matrix he fled into space, where he met Wind Squid in his animated adaption

After returning to Earth, Edit-Station 1 was later arrested for cow-tipping. While awaiting trial, he carjacked an El Camino and fled to Canada, where he went missing. Two years later he would reunite with Classic Game Room. They went on the run for a few months until they set up a base in the A.L.F.A.R. Edit-Station 1 is now hiding from the authorities.

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