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Defender is a 1981 Game on the Atari 2600 .

Defender Game Cartridge

The Game Room[]

Defender Gameplay

The Game Room reviewed it on Season Two. It was reviewed by Stella the Wonderdog. It had fantasic gameplay according to the review


Classic Game Room reviews DEFENDER for Atari 2600

The Review

Classic Game Room[]

Mark said that the music sounds great, even today. He said it might not be the best version out there, but it's the one he played the most. He said that because the Atari controller only had one button you have to go to the bottom the screen to deploy smart bombs, which makes them useless. He also said that explosions suck, but it is still difficult. He said that the Swarmers a poorly translated. He said usually when you play it, it doesn't flicker, it's just the fact he has to make these for LCD screens. He recommends it.


Classic Game Room HD - DEFENDER for Atari 2600 review

The review